Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Book Tickets in Advance?

Yes, FinkUP presents all the upcoming events, and give you an option to make an advance booking for all the events.

How can I confirm whether my tickets have been booked?

FinkUP will send you an email and A SMS, apart from it you can check it under your profile, your complete event booking history will be available, you check all the details through this.

I have a few queries regarding the event. How can I reach you?

You can go to from any search engine, there you will find all the upcoming events lined up.

Do I have to print the ticket?

No, FinkUP presents the most smooth way to get into an event, in the Mail and SMS you will receive will also have a QR code, this code will contain all the information about the event, you just need to get this code scan and you can enter to the event you have booked for.

Is it necessary to register on FinkUP to book my tickets?

No, there are many other offline platforms you can get a registration form. FinkUP provides you the easiest way to get your booking done without any delayed issue. there will be no waiting queue at the last minute.

I’ve booked tickets through the website, but the ticket is not reflecting in my profile?

There might be some technical error, just wait for a few hours and your problem will get resolved automatically.

Where can I see my Purchase Booking History?

You can check them in your account. There is a whole list of your purchased history.

Can I purchase a ticket to a music concert?

Yes, you can visit our website, where you will find a list of all the musical events out there.

Is there any plan for weekend Getaways?

Yes, FinkUP wants you to relax and have a great weekend and so we have planned the most precious packages just for you which are worth your time and money.

How can I check the events Happening in Mumbai?

You can go on our website and there is an option of selecting a city, enter Mumbai there and the list of events will be lined up.

Do I need to pay extra for the tickets when buying on FinkUP EPOS?

No, you will not be charged any extra money for the tickets when buying on FinkUP EPOS. We only charge the price set by the event organizers for each ticket; the rest of the procedure is free for you.

Can I buy multiple tickets at a time?

Sure, you can definitely buy multiple tickets at a time. Here’s how. Click on the event thumbnail, an Entry Pass will be added to the Ticket Cart on the right of your screen. Click on the Add tab on the Entry Pass. The option to select the quantity of the tickets will be disclosed. Select the number of tickets you wish to buy and click on Buy Now.

What is the maximum number of tickets I can buy in a single transaction?

There is no such fixed limit; the numbers vary from one event to the other. The event organizers provide us with precise instructions in such cases.

How long before the event starts can I buy my ticket?

As soon as the event goes live on FinkUP it will open for bookings. You can add the concerned event under your likes to receive the necessary notifications and updates on it. In addition to that, we also have an early bird ticket section where you can buy tickets in advance for the event listed under it.

Do I get larger discounts if I buy multiple tickets in a single transaction?

Sometimes, we do offer larger discounts if you buy multiple tickets in a single transaction but not always. The discounts we provide are pre-set by the organizers of each event. Only if such discounts are approved by them, you can get them. To know in detail about the discounts offered for each event read the Terms and Conditions under each event thumbnail.

Do I need to pay extra for the ticket, if the event has already started?

Usually such is not the case. You are only required to pay the initial cost of the ticket unless the event organizers wish to do otherwise. Such information regarding the event can be found under the Terms and Conditions section of each event.

What should I do when I’m facing connectivity issues?

It’s only natural to come across a network glitch once in a while. In such cases, we suggest you to reload the website page and try again after some time. If it still doesn’t work, contact our customer care. (Insert customer care contact details)

How will I select the event I want to go in?

Just login to the website, you will see many options of the upcoming events nearby you, click on the one you’re interested in. See, how simple it is!

Can I buy a ticket at the last minute?

You have come up to the right place with this question. You can absolutely buy the tickets at the last minute just like most of the Indian do, after reaching the venue. You can buy the tickets when you reach the place, just at the time of concert (unless the tickets are sold out so better to check up on the FinkUP App before leaving your home).

I have purchased a ticket for your Digital Event? How will I join the zoom call?

In the email and SMS, you will receive from FinkUP have a clear link to the digital Event (online workshops, concerts, etc.). Also, you will be provided with the process you need to follow.

Do I need a paid Zoom account to list digital events delivered via Zoom?

No, there is no extra payment except the amount of tickets needed to be purchased.

Can I Cancel Tickets Booked Online and Get A Refund?

The refund depends upon the event majorly. Information about the refund will clearly be given under information about the event.

My money was debited but I have no tickets?

While Paying online, there are many transactions performed which do not get clear. You check with us whether we have received your money or not if there would be an issue from our side, we would be delighted to help you. If there is an issue with the method you are paying you might just need to be patient it will get clear soon or you can go to the helpdesk of the partner app to resolve the issue.

Can I make half of the payment through a card and the other half in cash? / Can I split the payable amount between two modes of payment?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow such payments as of now. But we offer you a convenient choice among various modes of payment like cash, online wallets, credit/debit card, net banking and more. We’re positive you won’t come across situation with this.

Can I pay through PayTM?

Yes, you can. We allow payments through PayTM wallet and other similar online wallets such as Google Pay and Amazon Pay.

What should I do in case of a failed transaction?

Usually, such problems can be easily solved. Try reloading the page and staring the process again or switching to a different mode of payment. If this doesn’t work seek help from our volunteers present at the venue or contact our customer care.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my ticket booking(s)?

The refund policy of each event is pre-determined by the event’s organizers. We process all refunds according to those policies. To know about the event’s return policy read the Terms and Conditions which are mentioned under the event thumbnail.

I can't process the payment?

This often happens when there is huge traffic on the website. You just need to calm down and wait for a few minutes and your payment will be processed.

What to do if my card is declined?

Don’t fret! Usually this occurs due to a poor internet connection. Try turning on and off your airplane mode and then retrying. Also recheck the details you entered if they are accurate: the expiration date, the CVV code and the password. If it still doesn’t work try contacting your bank, meanwhile pay through a different card or another mode of payment.

How will we know if our payment was successful and the tickets are confirmed or not?

Just after you book the tickets through this, you will receive a text message and an email describing name of the event, your seat number (if any), number of tickets purchased and the total amount.

Are there any rules for a participant/attendee to join the event?

No, there are no certain rules as FinkUP wants you to enjoy your life and hence you just need to be there in the event.

How do I transfer my tickets to a friend?

You can forward the QR code you will receive by FinkUP to any of your friends.

Can I exchange my purchased ticket for another?

Sorry, we don’t allow exchange of tickets yet. You can try cancelling your first ticket and booking the new ticket separately.

I want to partner with you guys to list my events on FinkUP. How do I go about doing that?

You can mail us at [email protected] or you can go to “list your event” section on site to get more information.

Can I collaborate with FinkUP for the event I am organizing?

Yes, you can mail us about your event and send us your details and FinkUP will give you a planned way to make your event successful.

How can I get my Event successful?

Things you need to do as an organizer is you just need to contact FinkUP and collaborate with the team. As soon as you provide us details of your event, we will create a plan according to the number of guests invited. Thereafter you have to create an account on from your laptop or android phone. The rest will be taken care of by FinkUP.

Is there any way I can sell my tickets online for free?

Yes, FinkUP gives you the most suitable way to sell your ticket.

How does the buyer/customer know about my event?

We at FinkUP will notify them through our app and will post about your event and details on our website just after you collaborate with us.

How can I list my event on FinkUP?

We’ll love to work with you! You can send us an e-mail mentioning in detail about your event and your offer to (Insert relevant e-mail id). Please don’t forget to put your contact details on it too. Our team will contact you as soon as possible (usually in 24-48 hours). You can also call us on (Insert relevant mobile/telephone number) or visit our office in (Insert office address).

I can’t remember my password! How can I reset it?

You can go the forget password option, you might get a code of email or SMS just fill the OTP and reset your password.

How do I register on FinkUP?

You can Go to website, there you can register using your phone number or email.

I am concerned about my credit card information being hacked or stolen. Are there such security risks?

We understand your concern but let us assure you that you are in safe hands. FinkUP maintains over the top security for all its transactions. All debit/debit card payments are carried out through a reliable payment gateways handled by leading Indian banks. Such banks incorporate the use of One Time Password (OTP)/3D Secure Password services and identity verification for all their card payments.

Monuments of India

There are a lot of monuments in India. FinkUP provides you with a lot of packages to visit all of them.

What all FinkUP provides?

FinkUP provides you with all the latest events near you, you look up all the comedy events, concerts, live sports programs, and weekend travels.

How do I get updates regarding an event?

To receive updates, you will be needed to add the concerned event under your likes/favorites. To do so, you just need to click on the Like tab next to the Booking tab on our website. Once done, you will receive the necessary notifications and status updates regarding the event via e-mail.

Does FinkUP have a loyalty policy? / Does FinkUP offer special deals/discounts for loyal customers?

No, we don’t have a loyalty policy. We don’t offer any exclusive deals to a few rather all our deals/discounts are open for all our members.

Is this tool safe enough to use?

It’s completely safe because unlike other places, take for instance; Clubs, where you have to write down your details in a register in hard copy, this tool will help you to purchase the tickets online through your mobile phone. Thus, your details will stay with you only. Moreover, you don’t have to use the same pen to fill in the details used by other people so there is no stress of any kind of virus affecting you.

Is there any app of FinkUP through which we can get updates of upcoming events?

Yes, you can go to Google Play Store and download the FinkUP from there which will notify you for all the upcoming events nearby you.
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